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The Beautiful Game


Thank you for your art, Zidane! Too bad about the head-butt. You’re still Top 5 of All-Time.

Hope you recover Beckham. Good vibes to ya! Nobody bends it better, and right on a dime.



Landa = Literature & Art

The World Cup is coming up! The English invented the game, and they called it “football.” When sport transcends to the point of Art, it is called “The Beautiful Game.”


The History of the World Cup

Past winners….

Uruguay 1930

Italy 1934

Italy 1938

* break for WWII

Uruguay 1950

West Germany 1954

Brazil 1958

Brazil 1962

England 1966

Brazil 1970

Germany 1974

Argentina 1978

Italy 1982

Argentina 1986

Germany 1990

Brazil 1994

France 1998

Brazil 2002

Italy 2006

?       2010

Brazil’s Dream Team…

The “Hand of God”…

For Lagniappe….Maradona’s run from mid-field vs. England, 1986:

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