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Jesus Christ

I have a friend who looks like Jesus Christ. Not the long hair and the beard bit. But he looks like him, all right. You gotta look into his eyes to see it. My friend is as self-sacrificing and humble as Jesus Christ. I’m not religious, but I do believe in God. “Why would I deny the divinity of Jesus Christ? I’ve never denied it of anyone else.” My friend passed along that thought. He likes fixing things, just like the Bible figure. My friend works on computers, he’s not a carpenter, but he would definitely save an adulterer (or a blasphemer) from a public stoning. My friend is also not interested in wealth for the sake of having wealth, as was the self-sacrificing and humble Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ has nothing to do with war. Jesus Christ has nothing to do with football.

However, when it concerns Universal Health Care in the United States, ask yourselves…What Would My Friend Do?

Yeah, he’s in favor of Universal Health Care because it benefits the majority of people in this country.

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