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Open Letter to Ross Douthat of the New York Times

* sent to Mr. Douthat in response to his Op-Ed, “Hollywood’s Political Fictions”:


“You can’t get a little bit pregnant, Son.”–Hal Holbrook to Charlie Sheen in Wall Street.

The histories, tragedies and comedies are coming, Mr. Douthat. ‘Twas like Shakespeare a bit. An Esquire magazine piece back in 2004, I believe, compared George W. Bush to Prince Hal who later becomes King Henry V. They’re both clever cads who want to prove their worth to their respective fathers, and both bankrupt their respective countries while waging a war abroad.

And the BIG FINISH! Not only does our character waste $700 billion on a false war, while letting the man responsible for 9-11, Osama bin Laden, get away, but our lack of regulation (meaning the S.E.C. allowing self-regulation by the Wall Street banks on Subprime) is also going to cost $700 billion in the form of a bailout from taxpayers’ money. Ta-Dah! [Jazz Hands!]

It’s part Samuel Beckett, too. If you ever heard any of these guys at the podium chirping about 9-11 and boogeymen, and “known-unknowns” and “mushroom clouds (as the smoking gun)”…it was like Waiting for Godot.

The Theatre of the Absurd, that’s what we got from the Bush Administration. “Lies” is one way to put it. Bush even explained to the American People that the $700 billion bailout would be used for L-E-N-D-I-N-G into the general economy…but that didn’t happen. Wall Street didn’t lend. They just patched up their holes, went on investing…borrowing from the FED at near-0% and then buying Treasury bonds at 3-4%, which is essentially making money on top of the money the government gives to the banks…and then paying themselves billions of dollars in bonuses WITH TAXPAYERS’ MONEY!

It’s such outrageous, offensive, obscene behavior that occurred during the Bush Years…spreading lies about WMDs to stage a false reason for war that benefit a few politically connected military contractors and costs the lives of thousands of people in the process…soldiers and civilians. And the Bush White House cut spending for the Veterans’ hospitals and the soldiers’ health benefits! Shame!

People are zombied out in this country if they don’t understand the perfidy that took place. The Great Recession is a result of Republican Party rule. I’ve heard different names for the first decade of the new millennium: THE BIG ZERO–because the average American had stagnant wages for the last 10 years (along with their home values, 401Ks and jobs getting taken from them); THE LOST DECADE–because we could have been building up a CO2-free infrastructure and developing “Green Technology”; THE GHOST DECADE–since Clinton left us with a surplus and now we are Trillions of dollars in the hole, mostly due to Bush’s Tax Cuts for the rich, the Iraq War and the 2008 Bailout.

What do you think? Let’s write it together, Mr. Douthat. We’re all Americans. We should be able to agree on the closest thing to reality that happened from January 2001 to January 2009.

Working title: “The Conservative Calamity of the 2000s”


“Bud I like you. Just remember something. Man looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”–Hal Holbrook to Charlie Sheen in Wall Street.

* written and directed by Oliver Stone. : ) Stanley Weiser co-wrote the script.

CORRECTION: It was in a September 2004 Vanity Fair article that George W. Bush was compared to Shakespeare’s portrayal of Prince Hal.

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