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Ode to Jonathan Swift

I highly recommend you read it in its entirety, at your leisure:


Op-Ed Contributor

The Unbearable Lightness of Leading

By JOHN KENNEY–“A Writer”(Bona fide)
Published: March 6, 2010

One oddity of the report: Mr. Obama weighed 179.9 pounds with his shoes and workout attire on, which is not the usual way to measure a patient’s weight.

The Times, March 1

KATIE COURIC (in studio): “What’s the president hiding?” This question from senior members of the Republican Party, who are outraged tonight at what they’re calling the president’s “purported” weight. In a hastily called news conference, the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, said he would call on Congress to convene a bipartisan panel made up entirely of Republicans to investigate the president’s weight:

MITCH McCONNELL (at news conference): This president claims to weigh 179.9 pounds. How do we know that’s true? He wore shoes and workout pants and a jacket and a T-shirt and some kind of presidential undergarment. What is that garment? How much does it weigh? How do we know that he wasn’t wearing long underwear to add bulk to his delicate frame? Why is this administration so secretive when it comes to its own weight? — “CBS Evening News”


For Perspective:


“A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift

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