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Republicans just don’t know

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The Republicans’ Dirty War

The GOP wants to destroy Obama, and they’ll resort to anything — distorting his record, obstructing reforms — to do it. By Tim Dickinson
PLUS: Matt Taibbi on health care reform.



A recent poll found that only two percent of Tea Partiers are aware that the president [Barack Obama] enacted the largest middle-class tax cut in history. A staggering 44 percent, by contrast, believe that Obama has increased their taxes — and only 16 percent blame the current economic catastrophe on Bush, who ran up record deficits by slashing taxes for the wealthy.

The Tea Party’s fight-the-power theatrics have also helped Republicans obscure the fact that the few alternatives they have bothered to offer to President Obama’s policies are a repeat of the Bush-league economics that cater to Wall Street banks and hedge-fund billionaires. The GOP attacked Democrats for the size of the stimulus, for example, arguing that anything the government did be “timely, temporary and targeted.” But the Republican alternative — a Rovian package of permanent tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthiest Americans — carried a 10-year price tag of more than $3 trillion. And the GOP alternative to health care — a mix of deregulation and health-savings accounts — would leave the share of Americans without insurance unchanged at 17 percent.

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