CPAC bringing the Cande

Glenn Beck says:

“Progressivism, this is the disease…this is the disease in America.”

[Progressivism did not vote George W. Bush into power; Progressivism did not condone the reckless risk-taking on Wall Street during the 2000’s that led to a $700 billion Bush-Paulson bailout of the Wall Street banks. That was Conservatism’s doing.]

* Notice Glenn Beck stammer and ramble…(2:14 in part 1 of 6 & 5:07 in part 1 of 6)”I don’t want stuff in my eyes, stop stabbing stuff in me eyes.” This guy knows how to play on emotional biases. And he’s got a lot of dogma, too! Ad hominem attacks? You bet. Listen to Beck contort the meaning of the word “Progressive.” He’s a carnival barker with a chalkboard, and “hate” in his heart.

The clip begins with Glenn Beck saying, “I hate Woodrow Wilson with everything in me”…(0:30 in part 1 0f 6). Beck also doesn’t like Theodore Roosevelt because he started the Progressive movement, or the idea of a legitimate 3rd political party. “Big government, socialist utopia…a cancer.” These things apply to TR? They do when Beck is spinning the yarn.

When reading a letter written by Roosevelt, Beck stops to ask the audience, “Is this what the Republican party stands for?” Mind you, Teddy Roosevelt was one of our most popular presidents; he was also a Republican. Roosevelt protected more public land for use as National Parks than any other president. He also brokered the deal for the Panama Canal and busted up the monopolies, like Standard Oil. Because as T.R. saw it the octopus company of its time had tentacles wrapped too tightly around every substratum of business concerning the oil trade. Competition in the marketplace, the bedrock of capitalism, could not breathe with Standard Oil in its monopolistic form. Roosevelt “walked softly and carried a big stick.” If he were alive I’m sure that he would have some provocative language for the Fox News celebrity.

Beck answers the grumbling audience (0:35 in part 2 0f 6), “This is the cancer eating at America.” The crowd applauds.

But the demagogic chalk fiend doesn’t hate everybody. “I love Dick Cheney”…(1:26 in part 2 0f 6).

Glenn Beck works himself up with emotion and then does the same to the crowd. Watch him repetitively mop his face with a towel because he is sweating so much throughout his speech. Amidst all the frothy-mouthed chatter, the only two concrete policies Beck espouses are lower taxes and lower spending. That’s it. After the subprime catastrophe-financial collapse, when “U.S. Homeowners Lost $5.9 Trillion Since 2006 Peak,” 401ks lost half their value, we are at 17.5% real unemployment…Beck offers the same boilerplate solution the Republicans offered under Bush, only to double-cross us.

SOURCE: “U.S. Homeowners Lost $5.9 Trillion Since 2006 Peak”…


“Biggest Drops

Merced had the biggest percentage loss in house value from January through November with an estimated 37 percent decline, according to Zillow. Las Vegas was second at 25 percent. The loss was 21 percent in Fort Myers, Florida; 17 percent in Stockton, California; and 16 percent in Orlando, Florida….

Los Angeles had the biggest dollar loss with an estimated $60.8 billion wiped out, Zillow said. Chicago followed with a decrease of $49.6 billion, New York was third at $49 billion, Miami-Fort Lauderdale was fourth at $45.9 billion and Phoenix fifth at $45.1 billion.”

However, Beck is right about the profligate spending of the Bush White House. Dubya increased the size of government and increased government spending more than any previous president. Do the cost-benefit analysis on the $700 billion-plus that W. sprinkled all over Iraq. Thanks to the conservative administration in charge of the executive branch from 2001-2008, we now can claim the greatest Pyrrhic Victory in our nation’s history. We sacrificed so much time, money, energy and human life in the process of the wild-goose chase in Baghdad that we have lost way too much for the misadventure to ever be considered anything other than a net loss. The American People did not benefit from those policies (fueled by Donald Rumsfeld’s cocksure but absolutely wrong assertions of WMDs in news conferences and Dick Cheney corroborating what Rummy said was “pretty well confirmed” on the Sunday morning talk shows). Of course, we all know now that there are no WMDs in Iraq and that Osama bin Laden was and still is in the hills between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Concerning Iraq, the spending of our tax dollars ($700 billion and counting) funded a few military contractors who knew Dick Cheney and the Bush family.

* Over 4,000 of our troops lost their lives. Tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians also lost their lives. For what turned out to be a false and unnecessary war.

We are the richest country the world has ever known. Our tax dollars could be funding our schools, our hospitals, our roads and our bridges. We could be building a CO2-free energy infrastructure with our tax dollars to put out-of-work Americans back to work; and at the same time we could be stabilizing our country’s energy costs for generations to come. It’s a good investment of our tax dollars to support Life in America, instead of using our tax dollars to support Death abroad. We do not need a Defense budget bigger than the rest of the world’s combined. But Beck doesn’t want to talk common sense. It’s our budgetary priorities that are out of whack. It is our country’s Energy policies and Defense policies that are out of whack with the needs of the people of this country.

Unfortunately, Beck parades from one non-sequitur to another, churning out cotton candy fluff that leaves no tangible evidence of a rational argument behind. With Beck on stage there is sugar in the air. Just at the moment when you think you will be able to taste the sweet logic, the moment of enlightenment so near to being fully realized disappears back into thin air. Because there is little substance to the fallacies of logic this guy churns out of his head.

Beck’s obfuscation by omission: He never mentions the causes of the 1929 Stock Market Crash, which was preceded by Republican presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover in office. Similar to the hands-off-the-wheel style of governance by George W. Bush, lack of regulation by the 1920’s Republicans in the White House in effect condoned stock manipulation and sometimes completely bogus assets tied to phony stocks. Just like the Bush White House of the 2000’s condoned the subprime-mortgage-backed securities and dangerous derivatives markets of CDOs and credit swaps (what Warren Buffett called “financial weapons of mass destruction”).

Fact: The Great Depression and the Great Recession were both results of Republican party rule.

2001-2008: George W. Bush is President

2001-2006: the Republicans hold a majority in both the Senate and the House

What happened?

If Glenn Beck’s keynote speech indicates the policy thinking of the Conservative Political Action Committee, then CPAC is sponsoring “Demagoguery 101.” And CPAC is an extension of the Republican party, as Beck points out.

Fande = Fact & Evidence; Cande = Conjecture & Exaggeration

Bring your Fande, leave your Cande!

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