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I want to see Barack back-to-back! Show me the $$$ Mr. President

* sent via whitehouse.gov

Mr. President,

Are you kidding me? This footage is grim:


“Tighten our belt, and then tighten it some more”?

I heard we’re going to hurt and keep on hurting in that mini-film. Great, 24 unemployed Americans in Philadelphia got federal assistance for solar electricity training and now have jobs in the photovoltaics industry. That is a start, but we need to amplify that success by 1 million. Because if we have an underemployment rate of 17.5% (and assuming half the country is of working age), then we have roughly 26 million underemployed Americans.

150 million x 17.5% = 26.25 million

Get on your WPA, Mr. President. Show me the $$$. I know you didn’t just saddle us with Trillions of dollars of debt not to give the majority back to us.

[Yes, most of that debt was handed to you by Bush, who came into office with a surplus of cash handed to him by Clinton.]

Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk. Mr. President, you’re on the foul line for the American people. Granny style ’em in if you need to. But we need you to make 2 in a row for us, if you know what I mean. You can dunk until your heart is content in 2016 because you helped rebuild this country for the benefit of the majority of Americans.

I know you need money to run a campaign, but F those greedy pigs on Wall Street. Stop cozying up to those who did us wrong. If they don’t get it, they don’t get it (they’re rich, greedy bastards if they don’t). You’re walking the halls of the White House now, but you once walked down the streets of America as a relative unknown. Remember us, Remember US…when you are behind your desk in the Oval Office, please. We are 300 million strong. You need money to work for us? Let us know. We’ll get you some.

We’re going to regulate the banks and not pay out billions of dollars in bonuses, savvy? Get that money back (tax it, funnel it to Public Works Programs) and build up this country again.

* The banks were supposed to lend the TARP money back into the economy in order to keep the wheels turning, but they didn’t. As a result the credit markets froze up and unemployment increased.

So put the millions of us who are unemployed back to work installing solar electricity, for one…on Wall Street’s dime.

Greedy bastards can atone, too.

I know you’re a man of the people, but it’s got to be an ego-trippin’ experience being the President. Just letting you know, we got your back. Now help us get our jobs back.

Much Love

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