Open letter to President Obama

Mr. President,

Get the banks lending or the markets won’t work.

Isn’t that what the $700 billion TARP bailout money was for? The banks were supposed to lend that money in order to lubricate the wheels of the U.S. Economy. We the taxpayers paid that money to the banks.

Please have the banks lend us our money.

Through the Federal Accounting Standards Board reinstating previous accounting standards, please require that the banks take the write-downs on their subprime mortgage-backed assets by end of Q409.

Let’s start 2010 with a clean slate…no toxic residue on any assets.

You floated into D.C. on cloud 9, but Dubya left an ominous cloud hovering over our economy.

How about a little sunshine to lighten the mood? Solar anyone? Can you please enact a Public Works Program like back in the 1930s? Let’s put up solar-electricity on every public college campus, so we lower the monthly bills for our educational future. Men and women who install get minimum wage or better. The federally funded training centers provide the skilled labor. Everyone has a legit SS card.

We can also construct solar charging stations for plug-in, electric cars along major U.S. freeways . Reference Tesla Motors.

This will spur investment from the private sector, and rev up our economy. Maybe we can get manufacturing back in the U.S. again.

One more thing, please fire Geithner and replace him with Paul Krugman. Get rid of the Goldman Sachs connection. After 8 years of the rich making out like bandits it’s time for the majority of Americans to benefit. That’s why we elected you. Please staff your administration with people who bear in mind their responsibility to the 300 million American people. Paul Krugman aims to benefit the majority of Americans, as I believe you do.

Please make job creation your #1 priority. Ending the wars and diverting those funds to the homeland will help. Institute a federal purse for the states to employ WPA and CCC type workers.

Sincerely, your fellow American

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