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Cande from The New York Times’ Op-Ed columnist, Ross Douthat


Mr. Douthat,

You use demagoguery throughout your Op-Ed. Bring your Fande, leave your Cande.

Fande = Fact & Evidence; Cande = Conjecture & Exaggeration

Examples of your Cande:

“Too many conservatives are persuaded that Barack Obama’s liberalism is a step removed from Leninism.”

The quick assessment of this sentence by the average reader is Obama is like who? You point to Soviet Russia.

“On the left, there’s an enduring fascination with the pseudo-Marxist vision of global capitalism as an enormous Ponzi scheme, destined to be undone by peak oil, climate change, or the next financial bubble.”

The quick assessment of this sentence is the left is like who? You point to Karl Marx, another tie-in to Soviet Russia. You also list global warming in the guise of “climate change” in this proximity-accusation game of yours. You juxtapose so many words the linkage is easy to make. But who’s really running Ponzi schemes? Madoff did, and it had nothing to do with oil fields or melting icebergs. He robbed people blind, just like the subprime $700 billion snatch Wall Street just pulled off.

You wrote:

“Our enemies resort to terrorism because they’re weak, and because we’re so astonishingly strong.”

Perhaps if we made our own energy at home, like with solar electricity (for our plug-in cars, too), then we wouldn’t have to stick guns in people’s faces for their oil.

Tug-of-War is the answer. Let’s all keep talking with each other, meaning using diplomacy.

We should celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall but not for the reasons you mention. The Cold War was a long period of paranoia and fear. No nuclear bomb has been used on human beings except by the U.S. upon the Japanese to end WWII. The Berlin Wall should be a celebration of the Real over the Fictitious. The Wall was a lie because there are no walls, except the ones we humans make.

Stop building fictitious walls, Mr. Douthat. Your latest Op-Ed has too many walls that obstruct clear thinking. You obfuscate the truth of a peaceful co-existence on this planet, totally possible if we stop the superstitions (religions) and start behaving like brothers and sisters sharing this world.

Solution: a solar-electric system on every available roof and a plug-in electric car in every garage. Energy needs met by the CO2-free power of the sun. There is no need for more nuclear fission on earth because we have our own nuclear reactor in the sky. The solar industry will create jobs for out-of-work Americans and welcome in a new era of U.S. manufacturing.

Your notion of the world is a fiction. Wake Up! We’re going into the future where we all co-operate. Roll up your sleeves, get your fingers dirty and help build up America again. Your Bram Stoker’s version of the world starts off on the wrong premise. Take a look at a globe today, Mr. Douthat. Make a red arrow on a piece of paper into a sticker with some tape, and adhere it to the position of the globe on which you stand. “You are Here.” Now use that big brain of yours to help build up a renewable energy infrastructure.

Thank you.

Your Fellow American

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