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Oh, America!

In case you’ve forgotten, America (The United States) started a bloody revolution against the English King George III.

George Washington led the win as General of the colonial army. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, which set the stage for a military raid by the British.

Paul Revere road through the town alerting his fellow colonials, “The British are coming!” [“The Regulars are coming!”]

We won it all at Yorktown thanks to a blockade against the English navy, which French ships provided (after Benjamin Franklin’s wise diplomacy).

“All men are created equal” from the Declaration became a “3/5 compromise” in the Constitution, until Abraham Lincoln set the slaves free: the Civil War due to his abolitionist stance and the “Emancipation Proclamation.”

Oh, we still had burnings and lynchings, all the way up until…now. But we now have our first black, or more accurately mixed-race, president. Obama is half-white, don’t forget.

I have a friend in Long Beach, CA who has a great line about our 44th president: “half honkey, all donkey.”

We’re the country that brought you freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

You can’t find “Jesus” in the Constitution, but some of the country think we’re a “Christian Nation.”

We got mega-movieplexes. Big Cars. Big Driveways. Big Highways. New York. San Francisco. New Orleans. Chicago. (Coast to coast, LA to Chicago? What was Sade thinking?)

We got your movies, your music: Steven Spielberg and Michael Jackson are just two examples.


* I’ll give you the English contributed tremendously to rock ‘n’ roll (after picking up the African-American influence) and cinematic art came from all around the world.


We’ve been a hypocritical patchwork of idealists and scoundrels and automatons, and those who just want to enjoy life and not worry about it.

There are many more groups and types, and “whatevers” going on in America.

“Do your thing. Don’t hurt anybody else. Have fun. Make some money. Contribute to making the country better for everybody.” That’s the American Way as Superman would have said it.

Now we’re making up for following a Lex-Luthor-character-with-two-heads right into a Great Recession.

We got a guy named Obama who deserves a cape if he gets us out of this mess.

This is the country that was built on coffee & cigarettes. Thanks Native Americans. Thanks Slave Labor.

It ain’t a perfect world. But we’re all here together on this planet Earth. It’s time we stop behaving like selfish, starving animals fighting wars for more oil, other land resources, and dominance. It’s time we start co-operating so that the majority of people benefit.

Like Duke Ellington said, “You do the best with what you got.”

And we got the best planet in the Universe.

Now let’s all start co-operating, like at the United Nations, which is in New York City.

#1 topic of the day: coal reduction.

#2 topic of the day: solar-electricity installed on every available roof.

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